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AI & Machine Learning Engineer

Our AI & Data team stays close to shops and creators selling through our platforms, building the Artificial Intelligence tools to make running their business easier. We make decisions fast, and priorities change as we adapt to the needs of our industry so we welcome folks that relish in the challenges of pace. We believe in quick iteration and in-the-moment feedback, so we can work collectively to build the best team and product.

In this role, you will collaborate with a team of SW engineers and Cloud platform engineers, as well as data experts on our consumer-facing, live-selling platforms, and apps. This role works closely with our international & US-based product and engineering teams and will report to the leader of the AI & Data department.


In this role, you will 

  • Develop and maintain code that leverages computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms and technologies in solving hot business problems
  • Utilize machine learning concepts and algorithms, and as well as other deep learning architectures to analyze video, images and large text corpora
  • Review and train machine learning models in and evaluate their performance
  • Develop product similarity and product recommender routines, adjust them to efficiently work as in-app features
  • Understand and apply natural language processing in sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and text summarization
  • Orchestrate computer vision tasks of image classification, object detection, image segmentation, face and pose detection, movement and facial expression
  • Deploy machine learning models to production environments and showcase proficiency in version control systems
  • Gear usage of the image and video generation to support the business processes of our partners and their end-customers
  • Keep up to date with latest advances in AI and machine learning
  • Gain a deep understanding of our product and become involved in driving out product implementation
  • Join a rapidly growing AI & Data team with the opportunity to take on both product and technical problems

If you're right for this role, you

  • Have 4+ years of Data Science or Machine Learning experience
  • Have strong programming skills in Python (will be tested through interview process)
  • Have sound judgment for solving issues pragmatically without adding technical debt
  • Demonstrate skills in designing, building, and evaluating predictive models and AI algorithms. Deep understanding of the recent landscape of possible AI solutions.
  • Have passion for understanding business stakeholders’ problems and solving them in innovative and efficient ways
  • Being skilled with cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure) for deploying cloud solutions and APIs.
  • Bring proven expertise in computer vision and NLP to the common table (will be assessed in the interview process)
  • Be comfortable in a fast paced, pragmatic work environment
  • Have a strong understanding of core computer science principles, hone standard CI/CD practices
  • Experience with e-commerce and/or live-selling platforms is a strong plus
  • Work well in a remote, collaborative team environment; Have the ability to communicate your thought process in problem-solving, verbally and over Slack
  • Have a mindset towards high-quality output and attention to detail, comfortable being able to provide and receive feedback in code reviews
  • Possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, be curious about new approaches and recent research
  • Have strong desire to learn and stay updated with the latest in AI and machine learning. Persistent and resilient in the face of challenging technical problems
  • Experience in Machine learning Ops is a plus for candidate
  • Are a strong written and verbal communicator; English native speaker or Advanced English language skills
  • Must be able to flex at least 4 working hours to overlap with North American time zones; Requirement to work until 3pm EST (US) to have team interaction with teams from the other time zones.
Employment Type
Beginning of employment
Duration of employment
Job Location
Remote work from: Germany or India
Working Hours
Base Salary
euro126000-euro210000 Per year
Date posted
March 8, 2024
Valid through
May 31, 2024
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