ChatGPT and Healthcare Sector – Part-2

ChatGPT is a conversational Artificial intelligence model created by Open-AI, according to Open-AI. It is a substantial language model that was developed using a significant amount of online text data, including books, papers, and websites. The GPT framework is used by ChatGPT, which is built on the Transformer architecture. This allows it to comprehend and produce …

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CHATGPT in Healthcare System

Healthcare chat is a great alternative way for people to communicate with their doctors and other providers. It’s particularly useful for people who have certain communication difficulties, such as those with hearing loss, who want to stay in touch with their care team, or who want to save money on their cell phone plan. Making the most out of this communication method requires a little bit of planning and forethought, but it’s certainly worth the effort. Healthcare chat is a great option for those who want to stay in touch with their health care providers.

What happens when an astrophysicist tests ChatGPT?

What happens when an astrophysicist tests ChatGPT?
• ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot capable of constructing sentences, essays, and more.
• It can be deceived by common misconceptions that experts know better about.
• This raises the question of whether it can learn new information and accurately discern between correct and incorrect answers.
• With three misconceptions provided as a test, the Chatbot was able to demonstrate understanding despite some unclear responses.
• It is difficult to persuade a group of learners to accept scientifically accurate information but ChatGPT was able to do this successfully.
• The ability of the Chatbot to incorporate knowledge and provide accurate answers is remarkable but also requires cautiousness in trusting its authenticity.

History of ChatGTP

Curious about the history of chatbots and how they’ve changed over time? 🤔 At ChatGTP, we’ve been exploring the origins, history and precise definition of virtual assistants and other chatbots – come join us on our journey as we take a deeper dive into the world of AI! 💻 #ChatGTP #AI

Grote Bazen Festival

Meten is weten!
Afgelopen week hebben we een analyse gedaan op competenties & traits tijdens het sales event. De vragen van Arno Diepeveen ↗️;

Inzicht in de challenges en behoefte van de bezoekers
Met Arno samen de competenties en traits bepaalt van de future leader of sales

Bekijk de inzichten en werkwijze in mijn blog.
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