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Medior Fullstack Software Engineer - EN/DU - Hybride

Navara is a rapidly growing tech consultancy specializing in Software Development, Data Analytics, and UX/UI design. With over 250 colleagues, we skillfully and decisively shape every project. What sets Navara apart is the amount of knowledge sharing, the high level of expertise among colleagues, and our constant commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies and best practices. At Navara, we understand that digitalization is not just the proverbial backbone, but the complete cardiovascular system for almost every organization. If you want to stay competitive, you need to ensure that you are digitally super fit. Navara helps organizations become number one in their category when it comes to digitalization. Don't expect us to simply say "yes" to everything you ask for. We first deeply consider the problem behind the request and possible solutions. We see the potential and come up with ideas to work more effectively. Together, we strive for the best result.


Our team within NAVARA is often called upon to develop and implement completely new propositions. We are completely in charge of team composition, technology choices, architecture building, and way of working. So, for every project we apply all the best practices. Our consultants are also all trained on the different best practices such as CI/CD, test-driven development, infrastructure as code, trunk-based development, pair programming, truly agile working, etc. into practice. Though these best practices we are able to put together elite performing software development teams. Furthermore, we are a rapidly growing organization. In two years time, we have gone from 70 to 250 professionals. We deliver software of the highest possible quality that 100 % works, 100% goes live and 100% makes an impact. From a mobile banking app to unlocking a quantum computer in the cloud, we do it all. Sometimes in a full Navara team, and sometimes in a mixed team together with the client.


At Navara we work on mulitple projects. The job description will differ with each project. To make things a bit more clear, we work on projects for larger organizations and help them in the digitalization. For example for a energy supplier in the Netherlands we are migrating their low code IT landscape into AWS cloud native serverless with typescript. 5 domains will be taken under control. A huge project with over 25 Navara colleagues. Furthermore, we work on greenfield project in which we transform an idea into reality. We are responsible for all the products choices from A till Z. We are transitioning through a new way of working before the start of a project. New technologies, all best practices implemented, readiness assessment and drawing up proposals for improvement from here.

CIM project, greenfield project, AWS Cloud native serverless, helping in the energy transition, a private investment app, a green trading platfrom.


Hard skills: ● A technical BSc or MSc degree in Informatics (Computer Science) / Software Engineering, Physics, Mathematics or Aerospace Engineering ● Excellent proficiency in both Dutch and English languages ● Minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience in Software Development, preferably with one of the following Python, Java, C#, .NET, TypeScript with Angular or React ● Experience with best practices such as continuous integration, trunk-based development, continuous delivery, test-driven development, and infrastructure as code, or willing to learn more about them. Soft skills: ● Someone that like to be involved from the beginning with the technical and product design decisions. Someone that is willing to think along, gives input and advise the client.


RefugeeHelp was launched as an online platform where Ukrainian refugees could go for information on issues such as shelter, education, housing, public transport, medical and legal help. The new website also shows them the way to organizations and initiatives that could be of importance to them. The rules and initiatives for refugees change from day to day. This makes it impossible for refugees to gain insight into the current regulations. In addition, many information channels are in Dutch or English. This makes it difficult for refugees who only speak Ukrainian or Russian to access the information. In 2 weeks time we have set up a central information platform, something that has never been achieved before in Dutch history to develop a joint platform with all these organizations.

3+ years of experience
Bachelor Computer Science (BSc)
Master Computer Science (MSc)
Communication skills
Job Benefits

€48.660 – €61.620

€3.500 - €4.500 brutosalaris€275 maandelijkse bonusVakantiegeld: 8%


€775 Lease auto budget (toegevoegd aan salaris indien ongebruikt)€Unlimited opleidingsbudget per maandNavara contributes 6% monthly for you.Laptop


- Competitive salary with a commission scheme based on the hours you work - Permanent contract - Lease car, mobility allowance, or mobility card (and/or a lease e-bike) - Net phone and expense allowance (90 euros per month for full-time) There is an unlimited amount for consultants to spend on training and development. There are prepared trainings about soft skills as: effective communication, personal leadership. As wel as technical trainings focused on the DevOps best practices: test driven development, infrastructure as code, CI/CD etc. Next to this, everyone will set up an ambition plan with their Technology Officer (Noldus Reijnders). There are monthly check-ins about the progress of this plan. 2 times a year we organize a knowledge festival. On this day our colleagues give lectures about their specialisme to other colleagues and external friends. For more information: https://navara.nl/kennisfestival-april/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=kennisfestival-april&utm_content=recruit The technology officers write whitepapers, there are bi-monthly in-house domain specific webinars and tech brigades, for example the Navara App in Flutter. Furthermore bonding between colleagues is a high priority for us. We organize many fun things and are always open to idea's. Examples are our board game nights , yearly ski trip, summer party, Stelvio for life and Christmas gala. We also train 2 times a week with a personal coach on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, next to our office to stay fit and strong.

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One of the biggest compliments of our coworkers is that they love the skills of their colleagues and that everybody is open minded to share their thoughts. We encourage a feedback driven way of working. That's what we mean by 'For the win'.

Employment Type
Beginning of employment
Duration of employment
Job Location
Den Bosch, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Working Hours
Base Salary
euro 3.500-euro4.500
Date posted
May 25, 2023
Valid through
July 31, 2023
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