The Best AI Tools to Accelerate your career

Here we created the best tools which help you in all aspects in your candidate journey to be successful in the hiring process of amazing projects/ jobs

Career Path

Use the career path to find out tips and insights to boost your career. 
Career Path Guide is designed to be accessible to every user, providing a casual, conversational interaction that feels friendly and supportive. It’s focused on understanding users’ career aspirations and personality traits, encouraging them to share their goals, achievements, and provide a resume or LinkedIn URL for comprehensive analysis.

Interview Prepper

It is always hard to know what to say and what not in this first or second interview. This Interview prepper helps you to ask significant questions and prepare yourself on the questions that you can expect and how to really explain your choices in your career and create clarity on your skills

Resume booster

This tool converts your resume to a magnet for recruiters and hiring managers. It prioritizes your resume on the Job vacancy. No more sending the same resume or putting long efforts in adjusting the right resume elements and than not being invited.

Motivation Letter

How to stand out with your motivation letter among all applicants. This motivation letter solution will need input from the vacancy and your resume to really make your motivation letter relevant and outstanding. 

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Best prompts to help you out - Candidate 1st

We searched for the best tools and websites to help you reach your goal

> Never scroll a job board again. Let our AI find perfect jobs for you. The Job For me 

> JobHunnt: AI-powered Job Application Assistant to get hired faster.

> JobScans: JobScan: Jobscan helps you optimize your resume for any job, highlighting the key experience and skills recruiters need to see.

> Aragon: Turn your selfies into professional headshots. Create stunning realistic AI photos of yourself that look like they were taken by a professional photographer.

Yoodli AI: Ace your online meeting job interviews with private, real-time speech coaching. Improve communication skills without judgement.

Best Prompts:

> Networking on LinkedIn for Job Opportunity:

Create a message to connect with a professional at [Company] on LinkedIn, discussing my interest in the [Title] position and how my background in [Specific Field/Technology] makes me a strong candidate


> Write a Cover Letter:

Write a cover letter for the role of [Title] at [Company], emphasizing my experience in [Specific Field/Technology]. Mention how my contributions at [Previous Company] align with the job requirements: <Copy/paste job description>.

> Write a Resume from Scratch:

Write resume for [Title] at [company], [X] years of experience, 3-5 bullet points per role and include 10 key job description keywords. Past titles: [Company A-Y years, Company B-Z years].<Copy/paste job description>.

Check if Resume match with Job Description

Review if my skills and the job description for the [Title] position at [Company] match? Tell mismatch percentage.
Job description: [paste text/link]
My Skills: [Add your Skills]

> Update Resume
Prompt – Update my resume for the [Title] role at [Company] by focusing on relevant skills mentioned in the job description. Job Description: [copy/paste job description] Current Resume: [copy/ paste current resume]

> Email to send Resume and Cover Letter

Compose an email to send my resume and cover letter for the [Title] position at [Company] to an employer: [employer email], highlight my key achievements at [Previous Company] and express my enthusiasm for the role.

> Prepare for Interview

Provide me a list of [number] interview questions based on job description. Job description: [paste text/link]

> Conduct a Mock Interview

Conduct a technical mock interview for the [Job Role]. I am applying for this position. Ask me 15 questions related to [Specific Field/Technology], one after the other, gauging my expertise.

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