Handy checklist to help you plan for a successful year ahead

Beside this limiting growth factor, and as a cause of this mismatch, companies are also in a fierce battle for talent that is scarce.

A new approach to growth, one in which the workforce is the central element in the strategy and planning, is necessary for companies to achieve their growth goals. The availability and trust of qualified, energized, fast adapting talent is key to a high performing and therefore successful workforce. Upon recognizing the above two challenges, firstly the new way of planning and secondly the availability of a competent workforce, the Candidate-1st organization was founded.

The key to growth of an organization and therefore success is planning to recruit, to build, and to have access to a competent workforce, while minimizing the time it takes to make them productive and contribute.

The above statements reflect our first principle: that Success is the result of planning and celebrating growth and our second principle: that growth is the sum of the accumulation of qualified quality assets over time. Where time is mostly influenced by trust.

The simplicity of bringing it back to these two principles,  brings focus and clarity, The new approach that Candidate-1st is taking consists of supporting both the companies and the talents to adhere and internalize the two principles.

To do so we are positioning the Candidate-1st organization as being 100% on the side of the talent and the workforce, understanding the needs for the talent to continue growth in a minimum amount of time. The Candidate-1st organization adopts the potential candidates and creates safety, provides mentorship, and inspires so that the talent stands in its full force. We will provide them with job and project opportunities where they can apply their skills and continue to grow.

With the companies we become the strategic partner to help plan growth, create and define the right jobs, and take responsibility for the results set by providing the right talent at the right time.

The balance and harmony that we create between talent and the company will allow all to feel safe, to grow and to become successful. The company should be a source of inspiration and a talent should be inspired so that he on his turn can inspire, creating impact and success.

Being successful and happy:

is all about quality, trust, planning and execution.

Of having a purpose that creates the impact

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