3 Steps to Achieving the Success That Matters to You

Focus on what really matters.

Everyone called Jason a big success — except Jason. As CEO, he took his tech company from startup through IPO within five years, leaving with a personal fortune. And deep unhappiness.

Business leaders are trained to equate professional success with money and growth. Makes sense, as these outcomes are readily measured, explicitly rewarded, and often demanded. But sometimes a single-minded focus on money and growth costs leaders their humanity, their sense of self, and their perspective on what really matters. 

Amare leaders consider fulfillment, happiness, and alignment to be critical aspects of success. Interestingly, they often get better money and growth results over the long haul. What is success to you? 

3 Amare Ways to Focus on What Success Means to You

Check alignment. List what success metrics you track and what outcomes your company ignores and rewards. Now note the extent to which they align with what you say matters. 

Engage your team. Brainstorm with your team about what success means for them and for the organization. Explore their personal gratification, fulfillment, and contentment as well. 

Now answer this. Ask yourself the question that brings this all into focus: What do you most deeply, truly want? Let this answer shape what success really means to you.

There is success that is defined by society and the conventions of business. And there is success that is defined by you. When you stay true to your metrics, you emerge as a more authentic leader that people trust.

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