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ChatGPT: Education’s enemy or friend?

Open-AI unveiled the newest test of the inventive human intellect on November 30, 2022. ChatGPT is a communicative bot that responds to user questions in a way that enables it to search huge databases and produce well-structured essays, legal briefs, Shakespearean poetry, computer code, and song lyrics. ChatGPT is pretty simple, the smartest artificial intelligence …

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History of ChatGTP

Curious about the history of chatbots and how they’ve changed over time? 🤔 At ChatGTP, we’ve been exploring the origins, history and precise definition of virtual assistants and other chatbots – come join us on our journey as we take a deeper dive into the world of AI! 💻 #ChatGTP #AI

Grote Bazen Festival

Meten is weten!
Afgelopen week hebben we een analyse gedaan op competenties & traits tijdens het sales event. De vragen van Arno Diepeveen ↗️;

Inzicht in de challenges en behoefte van de bezoekers
Met Arno samen de competenties en traits bepaalt van de future leader of sales

Bekijk de inzichten en werkwijze in mijn blog.
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