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TWAM is the World after Midnight. Suddenly you wake up and then the World is changed & evolved. Technology and Human Touch are the driving forces. With several topics we invite experts in the market with their reference cases on innovation and growth, how they build high performance teams and together we network. Be inspired and join

2 experts talk about innovative business cases about the topic: MSART BUILDING SOLUTIONS

The World is changing fast. One Day you wake up and somehow there is a new startup/ scaleup with an innovation that really shakes up the market. This is the Workd after midnight. At Candidate-1st we help high potentials to reach their full potential. Beside mentoring, nurturing and challenge high potentials in our program we organizae events with top experts in the market.

Our speakers;

Onno Willemse – Eqyre – Founder & CEO | Managing director Zens electronics | Board of Advisors Smart Building Certifications

Erik Ubels – Smart Building | Industry 4.0 | IOT | Sustainability | Thought leader | Technology | Digital Twin


Candidate-1st helps candidates to reach their full potential.

We mentor, nurture and have programs for our high potentials to grow.

We focus on;

  1. How to build your network
  2. How to build high performance teams
  3. How to grow/ innovate your organization

The principles of Candidate-1st are;

  • inspire
  • trust
  • pass it on

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