A year of essence 2022; The Future of Life

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The Future of Work is Today. As seasons change, so will work, tasks and technology. When speaking with people they get uncertain or even scared of the dependency of technology. There is no battle between Tech & Touch.

We, the Human Touch enable the machines. As humans we want to make impact. We need to unlearn, relearn, learn, engage, reskill, redeploy and/ or upskill. It is all about the Talent Puzzle. We believe the Future of Work is really about the future of Life.

It is about how you can make impact, make a difference, be valuable, be part, connected and engaged, and make impact. To be certain about the future we must create safety and become stronger and self-aware. If the only constant is change what is the thing you can influence. This will be you, yourself.

The powers of ego and unlimited growth must change not in the near future, but must change now and it is happening now. In an article below you will read that there are every where people working to make impact. Most of the Times still unheard of unnoted by massmedia.

To change, we have to change radically.

That is why I do not believe in the Future of Work but we must talk about the Future of Life.

There are high potential people that try to create a shift in our mindset, but are ‘killed’ by mainstream and ego.

I would like to invite you to read this article of Sinead O’Sullivan; For the people who are still wondering “How did we get here?”

With all (life) events happening now. How to reach your full potential?

While 76% of working professionals believe that a mentor is important to growth, more than 54% do not have such a relationship…

At Candidate-1st we help our high potentials by mentoring, nurturing and our innovation program.

We focus on three elements.

1.      Network

2.      Building high performance teams

3.      Growth

Build a network of people that want to make impact. Surround yourself with the best, they will challenge you, explore, learn, be curious and create a win, win and win situation. To reach your full potentials you must get out of your comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens. Most important is that you as high potentials get challenged at their work or projects.

In order to grow you must do things where you be challenged and must step up, out of your comfort zone. So, the Future of Work will always be the new future and evolution of new technologies, and that will always be uncertain.

Read this research article of Salesforce; “Workers Say They Are Unequipped for the Future of Work”.

Therefor we must change and make the high potentials ready for the Future of Life.

Want to know more about our high potential program, innovation and growth;

I am happy to meet you virtually. My VA is ready to schedule a meeting through this link

Have a great and inspirational Day, Stephan Bosman

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