The Future of Work vs the Future of LIFE


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The FUTURE of WORK must be changed into the FUTURE of LIFE

To start, what is the Future of Work. This is a hot topic. Let’s get the definitions straight. Definition by Gartner: The future of work describes changes in how work will get done over the next decade, influenced by technological, generational, and social shifts.

Simply put, the future of work is a projection of how work, workers and the workplace will evolve in the years ahead. It is a topic that keeps many CEOs up at night as they make decisions that enable their organizations to thrive today while they prepare for the future; says SHRM

Why is future of work important?

Make work more meaningful for your employees. Enable employees’ success, growth, and career development. Implement technologies that enable employees to stay connected and productive. Create a reskilling and knowledge sharing plan within your organization.

By Blog Smarp.com

Many People from my age (52) live in a “golden cage”. Always in search for more. High mortgage and high monthly returning costs of life so they have to keep creating more and more wealth, most of the time to stay/ feel happy.

This is exactly the issue why we need to change our thinking from ego-centric to ecocentric.

We need to create a healthy and balanced organization where a central spot must be our planet, nature. Wanting more has lead us to ‘eating’ and destroying our own planet.

This is why we at Candidate-1st strongly believe that we have to change the term Future of Work to the Future of Life.

Most of the Time we associate the Future of Work with the revolutionairy change of technology, a Tech driven society. New technologies will rule the world, jobs will change, people need other skills and competenties and lots of business will be automated and become commodity.

When we put happiness first and the focus to creating a better climate and nature. Collaboration on this matter must be priority number one. To be honest when we speak to people and listen carefully we all know that these two simple elements, working with a purpose and work together, aligned on the same goal is most of the Time about creating experiences and an important source of happiness in peoples lives.

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Candidate-1st: Where do we stand for

We believe that it all starts with people. People matter. In a world where it is all about Tech & Touch. The (human) Touch matter. People make the decisions, people want to create value, people are committed to make impact. Only in this year, 2022 dark elements of our behavior found daylight.

As we look at the TVOH and Marc Overmars issues (and many more), the case of more Peters are CEO than women and now Putins ego aggression. We believe that it is Time for change.

Candidate-1st is focused on the candidates first, to reach their full potential.

We mentor and nurture High Potentials with our dedicated program and our Global Innovation Catalyst program.

We help our high potentials and adopted candidates on three core elements:

  1. Network: The importance of network becomes bigger and bigger. A trusted and high-quality network gives you access to opportunities, growth and meaning. Exploration within other networks is importance to learn, un-learn, re-learn, adapt, and evolve.
  2. Build high performance teams
  • quality of management
  • openness and effective actions
  • long term/ sustainability
  • continuous improvement and innovation
  • quality of your people

3.      Growth of your organization: When we thought about growth in the last era, we immediately thought about influencing productivity. Work harder, faster and with more people.

In the last decade tech gives us the opportunity to work smarter, more effective, and efficient. New technologies helps us to grow and most important creates more sustainable impact.

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Our main goal is to help organizations grow with the use of modern technologies and highrformance teams.

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Our core values

To reach our goals and create more awareness we want to inspire 1 million.

  • Inspire
  • Trust
  • Pass it on

Growth starts with inspiration. It is an unconditional gift from one to another.

Trust is important to create speed. When people feel trust and safety. Trust starts already with little victories. The higher and the continuity of quality the faster it will create trust. The more trust people feel, the faster the assets will grow.

Our greatest gift is to pass it on, unconditionally.

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  1. Adopted Candidates
  2. High Potentials

High Potential:  

High Potential employees are 91% more valuable to a business than non-high potential workers. They have the potential, ability, and aspiration to be successful in leadership positions. They are ambitious and take initiative in all their tasks and have hunger for more responsibilities. Soft skills owned by high potentials which help the company in the long-term. 

For individual employee, preparing for the future work environment requires extensive changes in both skills and mindset. Essential skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making are the building blocks that create a framework to help employees quickly identify changes in their environment and adapt response strategies aimed at achieving desired outcomes. By adopting a learning/growth mindset and seeking opportunities and experiences that lead to continuous personal improvement, employees will see change not only as a natural part of the environment, but also as something to get excited about. 

Companies that support decision-making structures that seek the diverse inputs of a broad employee community gain access to innovative ideas for job approaches (rather than relying on people in leadership positions). Finding and implementing innovative ideas faster than your competitors is key to creating a competitive advantage in today’s business world. 

These ideas should form the basis of planning for the future of work. It is also essential that the senior leadership not only takes a transparent and fair approach to informing employees of upcoming policy changes or new job turnover, but also welcomes new remarks or ideas. Contacting my team on a regular basis was a key factor in understanding how they were feeling.

Their different perspectives also helped shape and improve our initiatives. 


Delivering quality work: One of the best ways to add value to your employer’s products or services is to make sure you create quality work.  Producing high quality work takes extra effort to ensure you are aware of the types of mistakes you usually make in your business and the expectations of your employer and clients. You may need a little extra time to produce higher quality work, but most employers and clients appreciate dedication and high quality. 

Become an expert: By becoming an expert at your job, you can answer questions from colleagues and clients that add value to their experience with you. Not every employee focuses on learning information other than his basic training, so every additional training is an added value for you as an employee. 

Ask the right questions: An effective way to get helpful information from colleagues or clients is to ask focused but open-ended questions that allow them to express their needs in a way that works for them. This way you learn what is important to them instead of sending them answers with too narrow questions. It can also help to communicate what they need and want from you so that you can deliver it more efficiently. 

Know your industry: Most successful people try to understand the industry they work in. Knowing more about the factors that affect the business you work for will help you understand how to improve aspects of the business.  

Faster production guarantee: One way to add value is to accelerate your company’s production. Ideally, faster production does not mean lower quality, but if you can find ways to produce work faster, you add value to your business. 

Focus on what you can do: One way to add value is to focus on what you can do instead of what you cannot. You can apply this in many ways, but it can also mean that you spend less time and energy on the company you work for to deliver quality results. 

 Examples (which may be contradictory) of workplace values include: 

  • be responsible
  • make a difference
  • focus on details to deliver quality. 
  • be honest
  • keep promises to be reliable. 
  • be positive. 
  • meet deadlines. 
  • be a great team member. 
  • respect company policies and rules. 
  • show tolerance. 

They have a positive attitude: Having a positive attitude throughout the workday can not only improve your demeanor and tasks, but it can also have a powerful effect on the mood of your colleagues . 

Show strong commitment to work: Showing dedication to your work is important because it can demonstrate your willingness to perform quality work. Some of the ways to demonstrate strong job commitment include consistently meeting project requirements, asking for help when needed, and proactively seeking further assignments. 

Constantly improving and developing: By finding opportunities to improve your skills, your managers and colleagues can demonstrate that you are a valuable employee by demonstrating your dedication to the position and desire to continue developing with the company. One way to accomplish this is to ask your manager if there are other ways or departments in the company where you can use your skills to help create products or services. 

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What is the role of C1st -Tech

C1st-Tech is our tech sourcing engine. AI, data, and other tech gives us the opportunity to change sourcing and recruitment to a higher level. Where organizations still chose to hire recruiters, it is important to work smarter and more efficient. Using AI, conversational bots, programmatic sourcing, and other behavioral tools gives us the opportunity to always find the right people. The most important element of recruiting is to have a harmonized Candidate Journey that start much earlier then the first interview and where the onboarding start earlier then what most organization do after signing the contract.

Do you want know more about our candidates programs or how we can create growth with high performance teams. Just take a look at Candidate-1st.com We are happy to talk to you.

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