Inspiration #2: reaching your full potential


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In Inspiration #2 we will take you on your journey to grow.
What is growth? How do you grow and how to take control on your growth?
We talk a lot about reaching your full potential.
But what does it mean? Do you have a vision or thoughts on what the world would look like when you grow and what you will do and more important what steps you need to make? We always explain it like a ladder where you are ready to go through the ceiling and enter a new space. What will that space look like, what skills, experience and traits do you need there?
Let us first define growth?

“To become a master at any skill, it takes the total effort of your: 
heart, mind, and soul working together in tandem.”
― Maurice Young

Quality of your assets
The assets are your skills, traits and experience.
In our Inspiration #1 we spoke about Time.
The more Time you spend on a specific skill the better you become at it. It needs all your time, focus, passion and commitment to own a specific skill to grow from starter to expert. That simply needs Time and practice.

If you cannot explain something in simple terms, you don't understand it.
- Albert Einstein

Safety & Confidence

Every journey to grow starts with Self Interest.
To grow have to search within themselves how, what and when do they feel safe. What do they need and why?
To step out of your comfortzone people must understand what that means. What can happen is that people feel fear, have old conditions, drama or ego issues.

This influence the confidence of people.

“How to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”


The most important element you can build on is your purpose. If you know it. This article of Tony Robbins might help you with that.



We love to take action on growth.
Our advice to understand your path and understand what you need and have to do.

  1. Start journaling without judgement

    – What is/ was your goal of the day?
    – What were you proud of?
    – What needs another approach?
    – What are you gratefull for?
    – What inspired you?
    – When did your intuition nudges you?

  2. Create a donut!

    This donut you can compare as you.
    The center of the donut is you. The donut itself is all your believes and filters.
    The donut is build of your:
    – conditions (rules you got from as an example your parents; boys don’t cry)
    – drama; your past experiences, trauma and issues
    – ego; as an example your anger responses (not taken responability to a situation but blaming others or situations) or limited believes

    Try to create an overview of the donut with all those things that surround you and may limit you to grow. Everything from outside ‘the donut’ is the world, our society. Every event will always have to go through all your filters before it enters you. You are not the emotions or the events. All things are just temporary and just a filter. Can you see the situation for what it is and what it needs?
    What is your role and part of it?

  3. Self interest:

    search within yourself and talk to people on the first 3 topics.
    Purpose, Quality of your assets and safety & confidence

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