Inspiration #1 Time is relative

We started our organization to focus on the success of you, to help you reach your full potential. Why? We believe that we can only create impact by inspiring 1 million people.

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We started our organization to focus on the success of you, to help you reach your full potential. Why? We believe that we can only create impact by inspiring 1 million people. That can be with inspiration, online sessions, workshops or courses. All topics will be around the principles harmony, trust and inspiration.
Today we want to focus on Time. Time is a strange element that doesn’t exist. Today we dive deeper in “Time”.
Next Time we focus on why trust influences Time. To talk about Time we first have to understand Time. Our Time is limited on earth. So let’s make every minute count.


Time is relative

We all now some Moments that Time flies. As an example the first Days of your well deserved Vacation seems like that the Days never end. Suddenly just three Days before you go home somehow the Days rush by. Or you might heard this how time flies of your kids growing up.
Or maybe you have noticed this, like in your sport game that somehow you have some much time that it somehow looks like time slows down.
Or the last example for now you are on your way to a Date(night) and every time you have to stop before a traffic light. It only costs you 20 seconds but you feel that it takes ages.. What is it with Time that it rules are life and we use so many sayings or wisdom come with the word Time. 


How can you use Time to reach your full potential

Our tips to get the best out of your time.

  • Focus on 3 biggest priorities per week. Those that really influence your success
  • What are your patterns and/ or drama you really want to get rid off. It’s like you do rework at your organization. Every Time something happens you will go through the same circle. Over and over till you fixed it. 
    Get rid of drama/ old patterns, change your thought(s), that will change your emotion and that will change your behavior.
  • Only when you put a lot of Time in a new habit/ behavior/ skill you may become an expert. This will create trust for yourself and others.
  • Create clarity, trust and focus, only then you can grow faster 
  • Do not waist your time on things which doesn’t bring you value (like socials)
  • Look for a mentor and learn your biggest learnings in life that really impacted your life and life choices

Candidate-1st focuses on new tech Candidates and organizations.

Our principles are harmony, trust and inspiration. 
Our key priority is to facilitate #greentech, #agritech, #climatetech and #naturetech

Our principles explained;

Harmony: restoring and living in harmony, the three main forces affecting us are: our fellow humans, the economy, and nature. In the last century, the focus is on us and the economy. It is time to focus on nature. The economy never will, so changing this will be the task of the people.

Trust: is essential because it connects us. The higher the trust, the more we give and the less time we need to accept as a result the faster we grow.

 Inspiration is a key driver that provides us with endless energy. The Inspiration we get are gifts meant for us on our journey and it brings us closer to our true selves. We can then in turn hope to pass on our presents to those we touch.

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