Grote Bazen Festival

Meten is weten!
Afgelopen week hebben we een analyse gedaan op competenties & traits tijdens het sales event. De vragen van Arno Diepeveen ↗️;

Inzicht in de challenges en behoefte van de bezoekers
Met Arno samen de competenties en traits bepaalt van de future leader of sales

Bekijk de inzichten en werkwijze in mijn blog.
#traits #competenties #hr #event #sales #leader #analyse

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How to Reduce Personal Bias When Hiring

How to Reduce Personal Bias When Hiring

When it comes to hiring diverse candidates, good intentions do not necessarily lead to good results. Often well-intentioned hiring managers end up inadvertently weeding out qualified candidates from underestimated backgrounds because of unconscious bias. There are several things managers can do to reduce that bias. First, accept that, like most people, you fall prey to

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